2003 Festival
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2003 Country Music Festival


We will post the dates for next year here.

Nebraska Country Music Festival

The Nebraska County Music Festival October   at the Eagles Hall, October at the Adams County Fairgrounds.

Something different every day

All performers are welcome.

Daily Registration Till Friday
"Music on Wheels" will be visiting Nursing Homes and Care Centers
Song writers Seminar
Daily Rehearsals 1 PM to 4 PM
Nightly Showcase 7 PM to Whenever (Cover charge)
Judging on Friday
Awards Banquet
Nashville Talent agents and promoters
Commercial Booth and venders
Camping at the fair ground - fee charged

Admission charged at the door

Awards given on the following categories

Amateur - Simi-professional-Professional

Youth -----------------------------------------12 years and younger

Teen-------------------------------------------13 to 19 years old
Adult male-----------------------------------20 years old and over
Adult female--------------------------------20 years old and over
Duet-------------------------------------------All ages included
Gospel----------------------------------------All ages included
Song writer----------------------------------Amateur, Professional, Gospel

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