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Most folks usually have a closet or a garage where they put those items that don't have a proper place in their house. You know, those things that were so neat and nifty at the time, really just don't seem to fit in now. Some things are clearance you just couldn't do with out. A few thing are business items that just didn't work the first time. We pick them up, and put them in a box until later. Well many boxes later it time for the STUFF to find a new home. We have a very large room full of STUFF just like that. I won't say how big the room is. So we go in, get a box, sort it out, clean it up, and put it up on auction. We are hoping, someday, to have use of the room again. But by that time, I'm sure it'll be time to clean the house out again. A lot of this stuff is from 20 plus years of collecting militaria. We don't have a list per say. Just a general idea that it's here.

As we sort through many different items we are setting some aside for the Prairie Dog Patch Habitat use.  Some of the vehicles have been sold or we are in negotiation for there sale.

 Places where you can find us: . We currently do not have many auctions going now but we will be shortly.

We have not sold any item through online auction in a couple of years.

This window: Carnaby
Text link: This is a great site that looks very promising. Great atmosphere! It has many tools for both the seller and Buyer and very responsive to both buyers and sellers. We list our Military and  non-military items here.

This window:Auction Arms
Text link: - Quality Market place for firearms and accessories.

This window Ebang Text link: - Everything you can find at a gun show.

Ebay ( Lots of wonderful customers! Check the feedback!

In all these Auctions, just search for GRAPHIC.


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